Dr. Ashley Harbin is a medical clinical psychologist and certified brain injury specialist who works with children, adolescents, adults, and families as they face challenges which include traumatic injuries, chronic illness, grief and loss, and a broad range of psychiatric diagnoses, attention problems, and learning differences.

Dr. Ashley Harbin

Dr. Harbin specialized in comprehensive evaluations which include traditional clinical psychological and neuropsychological tests and careful examination of the role that a patient’s mood, personality, and coping may have in his or her health and recovery from an illness or injury. She is passionate about guiding students with concussions (mild traumatic brain injury/mTBI) and their families through the process of coping with a complex, prolonged recovery and a gradual return to the classroom. Many of these same principals apply to adults as they return to work as well.
She completed additional training to become a Certified Brain Injury Specialist in order to enhance her work with individuals with brain injuries and local physicians, but it is her years of working in children’s hospitals, medical clinics, and schools that provided the unique experience and expertise needed for her private practice in Columbia, South Carolina.

New Home

After almost seven years of private practice at Lake Psychological Services, Dr. Harbin is now a part of the team at
Spero Psychiatry, LLC.

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Specialized Services

Dr. Harbin provides in-depth clinical evaluations, psychological/neuropsychological testing for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning, and both short-term and long-term therapy for individuals and families.
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Dr. Harbin consults with both public and private schools in the development of return-to-learn policies and procedures to support students with concussions.
Dr. Harbin has presented locally and nationally on a number of topics related to concussion management and is available to provide training and continuing education for groups.  
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